Where are we standing with Death Stranding? An outsider’s look in.


Death Stranding is about a week out now and many still don’t know exactly what we’re walking into with the game. Here, I’ll explain (roughly) what I think is happening, and what the game actually is. Warning, this may contain spoilers. (Or not, I could be WAY off?)

The Story

Sam Bridges, played by Norman Reedus, is (or was?) a member of Bridges, a group that seemingly wants (or wanted) to link the cities in America. America is no longer the United States of America, and is instead the United Cities of America. Sam & Bridges are working to travel to the west coast, aiming to make the connections (or strands) to unite the cities after some catastrophic failure. He will do this by delivering different packages and shipments, including vehicles, to the different cities.

There is also a baby in a pod that Sam calls BB. It seems that the babies are all attached to a stillborn mother, and are in a weird place between both life and death. This allows a link of sorts between the two realms. There are also BTs, or Beached Things are antagonistic entities that are seemingly stranded and stuck on Earth after the aforementioned catastrophic failure.

There is also Mads Mikkelsen but I am very confused in his place in the story.

The Gameplay

The main focus of the game seems to be that you’re manually connecting towers that are across the fallen United Cities of America in order to help regrow society and basically reboot America. This is called Stranding. At first glance, it seems like a walking simulator but as seen in the trailer below, there are bits of combat to take over as well. Mostly with terrorists that are trying to sabotage your stranding attempts, as well as the Beached Things. (Also Mads Mikkelsen and a gold-skull-mask wearing group?)

There are different vehicles and ways to get across the country, so there will be in-vehicle gameplay as well.

The Game

I’m personally thrilled for Death Stranding, and expect Hideo Kojima’s Wild Ride to never end. I look forward to seeing exactly how wrong I am about everything.


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