Vikings March Forward: A Northgard review


Have you ever wanted to play as a brave viking that conquers uncharted lands? Then Northgard might be the game for you. It offers a tasteful mix of resource management and real time strategy. The games story mode starts off by you trying to regain your former fame after a rival clan kills your jarls and steals your family heirloom. Your character then heads to Northgard to find and kill his rival. As your clan makes it through Northgard, you discover, befriend and attack other clans. This adds a real sense of hurry as you must prepare and survive for each years winter


While playing you get the clear feeling that this game has a lot of potential, as the building selection and army building is pretty limited. Each tile you visit has a limited number of building you can put on it, so many times you have to struggle between expanding your population, making more food or preparing to attack or defend. This all sounds pretty normal, however the game feels as though there is just one play style. Building base buildings, then expand and attack. Spit and repeat, contrary to other games in the same genre you don’t get to inject your own play style and let your performance affect it.

Technical issues

In addition to this railroad play style I also experienced quite a few technical issues throughout my playthrough. The game frequently froze during casual gameplay and would also randomly crash and my progress during that level would not be saved. I found this rather defeating and sometimes one level can take 15 to 30 mins and in an instant is lost. For me this is a deal breaker as this game has been out since 2017, so waiting for some bug fixes seems like a long or never ending waiting game. For reference I played Northguard on the Nintendo Switch.


This game is great for casual strategy gamers and would like something more laid back and not as in depth such as civilization or the Total War series. I also found it very easy to put down and pick back up later. The game can be picked up for around 30 dollars at the time of writing.

Easy for new comers to the genre
Fun and fast paced
Limited story and content