Luigi’s Mansion 3 has spirit to spare


Luigi’s Mansion 3 takes everything Nintendo has learned from the other two games and mashed it into a celebration of what makes the series so fun. Luigi and the ‘Mario gang’ are invited to a seemingly lovely getaway hotel called the Last Resort. It quickly is discovered — as it always is — that the hotel they were invited to is haunted. This time, King Boo has some help from the owner of the Last Resort, Hellen Gravely, and they capture all the guests except for Luigi in portraits, leaving Luigi to don the Poltergust once more, catch some ghosts and ultimately save the day.


Luigi’s Mansion 3 starts you off with your basic vacuum capabilities: you can suck in items and blow air out of it. Using the Poltergust’s vacuum capabilities, you can do anything from grabbing objects like keys and gems to suctioning up gold coins and dollar bills, which seems to be stuffed into every single nook and cranny of the hotel. Additionally, you can suction up larger objects, like pumpkins, and then fire them out, which can be useful against some ghosts or even hit targets within the world such as switches. Using the Poltergust to blow air out of it allows you to spin fan-like objects in the hotel, often leading to solving the many physical puzzles that the hotel has to offer.

New features such as a plunger that allows you to suction and pull heavy objects that you couldn’t suction and move otherwise, helps round out your arsenal. Of course, you have your flashlight with its dark-light attachment that allows you to both stun and capture ghosts and shine dark light on hidden objects, respectively. With the addition of Gooigi to this adventure, you’ll spend a significant amount of time using your gooey companion to squeeze through metal bars, into vents and through sewer grates to access otherwise inaccessible areas. This also adds the ability to play full co-op with a friend, allowing you to bust ghosts and solve puzzles in tandem. 

With 16 floors to explore, there’s plenty to do in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Every floor feels like it’s own take on the game, with unique challenges, set-pieces, and puzzles. Boss fights are some of the best interactions in the game, with visual stories defining the enemies and the battle itself taking on larger-than-life brawls between Luigi (and sometimes Gooigi, too) and these powerful poltergeists. Each one makes excellent use of the tools you are given and feel like fair, nuanced, memorable fights that end in you rescuing one of your pals or gaining a new gameplay tool to solve puzzles on other floors.

Multi-Luigi Mayhem

Multiplayer allows up to eight players to play either locally or online. You have the option of facing the “Scarescraper” or the “Screampark” together. Scarescraper is a wave upon wave, ghost-filled bash of 25 randomly generated floors, where you try to find the ghosts hiding within and catch them together. Screampark takes the battle between teams of players — one Team Luigi, one Team Gooigi — to compete for the highest points. Three different match types round out this mode: Ghost Hunt, where teams are simply tasked with catching multitudes of meandering specters; Cannon Barrage, where the goal is to hit targets with cannonballs, some trickier to hit than others, all while ghosts try to slow you down; and Coin Floating, which sees you collecting coins in a pool and trying to avoid mines but attempting to push others into them at the same time. None of these game modes have settings or modifiers, but they serve as a fun distraction between levels of the single-player adventure.


Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a great showcase of what Nintendo has been doing right lately: bringing their franchises over to the Switch with careful attention to retaining what makes the original games so much fun, all while adding enough extras to bring the game into the modern era. The main gameplay loop is fantastic and never feels forced or boring. You can revisit areas to find secrets and the various Boos hidden about, but none of this is required to fully complete the game. Those who want to experience all that Luigi’s Mansion 3 has to offer will have a huge assortment of things to keep them busy even after the credits roll, as you can load up your save file before the final fight, but there is no inclusion of a ‘New Game Plus’ mode. Further multiplayer DLC is planned for the future, so we’ll have to wait to see if they add additional singleplayer content with the inclusion of new multiplayer content when it releases.

Couch Co-op
Long single-player experience
8-player, frantically fun multiplayer games
Some puzzles with no clues are really hard
No multiplayer settings for the mini-games
Gooigi looks creepy as heck