Manami Matsumae makes for a Mega Musical hero!

Manami Matsumae is a legendary composer. You might recognize her music from Mega Man, Shovel Knight, or the new Mighty No. 9. So when we got the chance to ask her some questions, even in Japanese (Wth the help of my friend Andrew and Manami’s co-worker), I jumped at it.

You can hear my favorite track by her above, incidentally. 

You can find the full interview below! Continue to interview…

What We All Need is a Steam Powered Giraffe (Exclusive Interview!)

It’s no secret that we love Steam Powered Giraffe here at Pixlbot, so when we got the chance to talk to the minds behind the bots at Midwest Media Expo 2015, we took it. We sit down and talk about SteamWorld Heist, their upcoming album Vice Quadrant, and more!


Credit to GeekShot Photography for the images used in this interview! They take great photos of the band, and deserve a trip over to their website!

Space Engineers gets new updates, and an exclusive interview!

First off, the update news!

PRAGUE (JULY 29, 2014) – In the continuing effort to deliver the best gameplay experience for nearly a million players on PC, independent developer Keen Software House has updated their Steam Early Access hit, Space Engineers, with several major new features, including support for dedicated servers, player factions, hacking, tools for driving, and more. Keen Software House delivers weekly updates to Space Engineers every Thursday, offering new features, fixes, and more.

Space Engineers’ space-based sandbox offers a robust platform for creative gamers to build and maintain space stations and ships in a single- or multi-player environment. The game remains one of the top overall sellers on Steam and appears on the platform’s Early Access program. Space Engineers is available now or via Steam for $19.99 USD.

“A great Steam Early Access game must deliver on its promises to the community – the gamers who have taken the risk of buying into your vision – by continually growing and improving with new features, expansion of gameplay, and more,” said Marek Rosa, CEO and Founder, Keen Software House. “Over the past month, we’ve worked hard to deliver against that standard and we’re fortunate to have the smartest and most dedicated fans on Steam offering their insights and suggestions to shape the future of Space Engineers.”

Major game updates added over the last several weeks include:

  • Official Dedicated Servers/Hosts (commercial use): Dedicated servers allow players to connect to a third party host, rather than using a player-host, in a peer-to-peer set-up. This feature often results in faster connections and less lag.
  • Merge Blocks, Conversion of Station to Ship: Players can now permanently merge ships and stations of the same block size by using the ‘Merge Block’ feature. When a ship is merged with a station, the ship becomes the station. Stations can also be converted to ships, but the blocks that are partially inside asteroids will be damaged or destroyed.
  • Factions: Players may now create and join factions, determine ownership of blocks, and manage relations between them (hostile/ally); blocks can be shared within factions or with everyone; ownership can be transferred by the owner.
  • Hacking & Breaching: Block ownership is determined by computers, so if players want to take over hostile blocks, they will have to replace the computers that are in these blocks.
  • Steering wheels, wheel controls: Players can now build and control vehicles with the addition of steering wheels and wheel controls.
  • Batteries: The Battery Block enables players to store the energy generated by solar panels or reactors at an efficiency rate of 80%. The time needed for charging depends on the amount of energy available.
  • Pistons: Pistons is a new type of block which allows players to build even more advanced machinery.
  • Antenna Communication: Signals can travel through multiple antennas so players can receive a signal from any distance; broadcasting can be limited by player or by the power of the antenna.
  • Spectator mode: players can now learn from the community’s best by spectating their work.

Now, what about that interview?
We got the chance to talk to Ondrej Petrzilka, lead programmer for Space Engineers about the game. You can find the interview below!

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