Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae Impressions [Guest Writer!]

Today we’ve got a guest writer, Jon Edicola from alocidegaming!

Eight years, ten months, and seven days. That is the cumulative time that has elapsed since Square Enix announced what is now known as Final Fantasy XV and when we got something playable.

A lot has happened around Square Enix in that span of time: an entire console generation passed, Final Fantasy XIV failed, Final Fantasy XIV was resurrected, rumors surrounding the death of XV were more present than the game itself… Eight plus years is an obnoxiously long development schedule, yet here we are– FINALLY with something tangible to touch and play.

Was the wait worth it? The pragmatic side of my brain says no. I can only think of one other title that has ever gotten ‘stuck’ in such a hellish development cycle, and we all know how that turned out. However, the reasonable side of my brain is being completely drowned out by the excitement of a new mainline Final Fantasy title not starring Lightning and crew.

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Run like the wind with Wind Runner!

Wind Runner is a side scrolling platform hybrid where your objective is to get as far as you can while collecting as many stars as possible. Controls are very basic and simple, as you would expect for a mobile game. Your character is constantly running and you just tap once for your character to jump or double tap for a double jump spin. The stages are random and you are trying to either jump over obstacles, jump over (or on) enemies, or jump over pits on your mission to keep going.

If you end up hitting an enemy or falling in a pit, it will display your game results that will show your best record and how you did this round and your final score. You also obtain amounts of gold which can be used to buy items, level up your character, buy a new character, or even obtain a new mount.

The character you originally play as is Chloe a treasure hunter but you can also unlock Stella a Monster Hunter, Leo an Uncharted Explorer, and Kylie a Dark Princess. Each character has their initial startup ability like Chloe’s Score/Gold +7%. Leveling up these character’s using gold can help how long an item effect lasts.

Items exist to help you during the stage in the game. These vary from a Magnet which draws all the stars to you without having to jump, a Cloud bridge that can help you not worry about pitfalls if you are on a straight stretch of land, Invincibility where your character gets bigger and is immune to enemies for a set period of time, and more. There are also boosters you can buy using gold before you enter the stage such as a Start Dash which you get to fly 400m at the start, Shield which shields you from the initial first damage, Last Spurt which you get to fly for three seconds at the end to try to increase your score and star count, and Relay which allows you to continue with a relay character.

Pets are unlockable to aid you in your run. They have different abilities that can aid you. There are also different mounts available that possess unique skills as well. To keep you logging in daily, the game offers log in bonuses of items or goods that will aid you as well! They also encourage users to log in with their Facebook and get free rewards that can equate to a $5 value.

While requiring no purchase at all to play the game and no daily limits or restrictions, the game does offer a shop for those in a rush or impatient enough to earn rewards through gameplay. Users can purchase rubies (used to unlock characters and other content) starting at $0.99, Change in rubies for more gold, or also buy additional boost packages starting at $0.99.

While this game is not a must by any means, it is a wonderful time killer with some good graphics. It is really nice that there are no types of limit to the gameplay and really tries to push rankings and scores to make it competitive. It’s really simple to play and I found myself drawn to trying to beat my previous scores for more time than I would care to admit.

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