Amd Ryzen News

AMD’s press release has left us with some really juicy numbers to look over. AMD has been lacking in the previous years, with only releasing yearly GPU releases but nothing from the CPU side since 2011. So there is a lot of anticipation behind this launch, which by the way will be on march second for all R7-series SKU’s. So here’s what we got:

Release date: March 2nd

Price for Ryzen 1700 – $329

Price for Ryzen 1700X- $399

Price for Ryzen 1800X- $499

Included CPU cooler:

AMD Wraith Spire

In many cases, the Ryzen chips met or exceeded their Intel competitor chip. This includes applications like streaming, gaming, rendering, and encoding. For more information wwatch the video below.



Mass Effect: Andromeda

“Discover the secrets of a vast galaxy, battle hostile alien threats, build your crew and tap into deep progression and customization systems to make them your own. This is the story of humanity’s next chapter, and your choices throughout the game will ultimately determine our survival and place in the Andromeda Galaxy.”

These are the words of the Mass Effect team. Personally, I am extremely excited to see what this game has in store. The Mass Effect series never seems to disappoint in providing a decently detailed story, along with having good immersion.

E3 now open to public!

Our beloved gaming convention is no longer invite only. Today the Entertainment Software Association, announced that a fans can now buy their way into the convention. Starting February 13th tickets can be bought for $250, for anyone who can get to it fast enough, pre-sales are available for $150, but availability is low.

This is an interesting move on E3’s part due to their previous exclusivity. Now the only question is why bother opening to the public, surely the press passes being at almost a thousand dollars is enough to support the event. Maybe E3 is trying to have more transparency between the viewers and the events or maybe they are just succumbing to the peer pressure of other events to be open.

If your interested, you can submit an application for an event pass here


Namco founder dead at 91

Masaya Nakamura was found dead on Jan 22 at the great age of 91. For anyone not familiar with this man, let me give you a little insight. Masaya founded Nakamura Manufacturing during the economic rise in japan after WWII. He started off by making simple wooden horses for children outside of department stores and had mild success.

He later went onto renaming the company in 1970 to Namco. It was during this time he has his first big success, this success was an arcade game he named Galaxian. which he went and sold to Midway games.During the 1980’s an Namco employee had an idea for a game based on the shape of pizza, this game was Pacman which went on to sell 300k machines.

So lets all take a moment to raise our mountain dew cans to this amazing man who made this impact on the gaming community that we all take advantage of today.


Image result for namco founder




Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae Impressions [Guest Writer!]

Today we’ve got a guest writer, Jon Edicola from alocidegaming!

Eight years, ten months, and seven days. That is the cumulative time that has elapsed since Square Enix announced what is now known as Final Fantasy XV and when we got something playable.

A lot has happened around Square Enix in that span of time: an entire console generation passed, Final Fantasy XIV failed, Final Fantasy XIV was resurrected, rumors surrounding the death of XV were more present than the game itself… Eight plus years is an obnoxiously long development schedule, yet here we are– FINALLY with something tangible to touch and play.

Was the wait worth it? The pragmatic side of my brain says no. I can only think of one other title that has ever gotten ‘stuck’ in such a hellish development cycle, and we all know how that turned out. However, the reasonable side of my brain is being completely drowned out by the excitement of a new mainline Final Fantasy title not starring Lightning and crew.

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The Pokémon April Friendly is almost here!

The first online competition for Pokémon X and Y for 2014 is now live for registration on the Pokémon Global Link website.

The 2014 April Friendly is a Single battle tournament that is held internationally.

Competition Dates

  • Friday, April 25, 2014
  • Monday, April 28, 2014

Registration Period

  • Thursday, April 17, 2014
  • Thursday, April 24, 2014

To participate you much first register for the competition on the Pokémon Global Link (PGL).

Entry is on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the participant limit is reached, registration will be closed.

No one can enter the competition after it has begun. You much register for the competition at the PGL during the registration period.

Participant Limit
50,000 (this is subject to change but as of not it is first come first served)

Ranking Results Announcement
Thursday, May 1, 2014 (this is also subject to change)

Compatible Games
Pokémon X or Pokémon Y

Rules for this Competition

  • This competition will use Single Battle format
  • Players must use a copy of Pokémon X or Y
  • Players may only use Pokémon found in the Kalos Pokedexes of Pokémon X or Y
  • Register 3-6 of your Lv:1-100 Pokémon to your Battle Box
  • All the Pokémon will automatically become level 50 during the battles
  • Nicknames you have given to your Pokémon will not be displayed
  • A 30 minute time limit will be automatically enforced in-game, beginning at the start of each battle. If the battle has not been finished when the time limit expires the game will automatically apply tiebreakers to determine a winner
  • At the beginning of every battle, players have 90 seconds to select three pokemon to battle with
  • At the beginning of each turn, players have one minute to select a move for their active Pokémon. If a player has not selected a move when the time expires one will be automatically chosen for the player.

The full list of rules and regulations for the competition are posted at