Kickstart This: Aegis Defenders by Studio Guts!

Over the last few years we have seen many games go through the ringer with Kickstarter whether it be to fund a new game, a piece of hardware or potato salad.

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One game I have had the privilege to get a very early hands on with is Aegis Defenders by the team Studio Guts. Studio Guts is a team made up of people with deep video game backgrounds accompanied by amazing artists who have come together to bring us what they describe as a Tactical Platformer with a pixel art style with the feeling of Studio Ghibli.

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The game at least what I’ve had a chance to sit and play is gorgeous to look at. I found myself stopping at certain points and just looking around at the environment. The crisp visuals are soon overshadowed by the tight controls and level of difficulty there is to this game. But its a tower defense game so it isn’t supposed to be a walk in the park. The music in the game is done by Power Up which many of you might know from games like Towerfall: Ascension so there is no lack of ambiance here.

The Kickstarter page is live now and you can see great rewards from just a copy of the game to being a part of the beta and even designing a weapon or having a town named after you. They also include the OST for the game which I can’t wait to get my hands on along with an art book that will show off all the early design work the team has put into this labor of love known as Aegis Defenders.


As someone who has donated to many projects over the years and seen many of those games reach their goal and become staples in my video game library I believe Aegis Defenders should be right there beside the rest of them.

For those who wish to pledge to the Kickstarter you can do so here and if you want to see my interview I had with Scott and Bryce two of the team leads you can do that here.

The even have a tumblr where they post tons of in game screenshots, gifs, and convention photos which you can check out here as well.

Pokemon World Championships 2014 Information Revealed!

In just 18 more days the Pokemon World Championships 2014 will be upon us. The Pokemon Company has finally revealed the full event details for this years tournament on including this years competitors, event times and special events taking place the tournament weekend.


The US capital opens its doors to Pokemon players from around the globe when it hosts this year’s Pokemon World Championships. The weekend long event will feature competitors invited from over 25 countries, all of whom are ready to earn the title of Pokemon World Champion!

For those who can’t make it to the Pokemon World Championships this year you can still follow the tournament via live streaming on the Pokemon Twitch channel and on The coverage will include both the TCG and Video Game matches as well as in depth commentary from hand picked Pokemon experts such as The Jwittz and Justin Flynn.

Here is the schedule for the live stream with times subject to change*


Saturday, August 16

9:00 AM- Opening Ceremony

9:30 AM- 5:00 PM- Video Game Streaming

5:00 PM- 9:00 PM Pokemon TCG Streaming

Sunday, August 17

9:00 AM- TCG Masters top 4

10:00 AM-3:00 PM- Pokemon TCG Finals

3:00- 6:00 PM- Video Game Finals

6:00 PM- Closing Ceremony


The World Championships Stream will be in English only but they invite all fans from around the world to tune in to see their favorite players compete.

For those who do wish to attend and spectate up close and personal this year the Tournament will take place at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. I will be attending to meet with players and to play myself in the free play area for those who wish to battle me in the video game.

Also this year as with most tournaments a special Pokemon will be given away to all who attend.

Vis local wireless distribution a Lv. 50 Aegislash will be available to download all weekend. The Aegislash is built for double battles and comes with the egg move Wide Guard which is a much sought after move by many players.

Lv. 50 Aegislash  aegislash

Ability: Stance Change

Item: Sitrus Berry


Wide Guard

King’s Shield

Shadow Ball

Flash Cannon

Remember to bring your system in the Nintendo 3DS family and your copy of either Pokemon X or Y when you come. Look out for instructions posted at the event. The distribution will take place on both Saturday and Sunday so don’t miss it.

Good Luck to all those competing and i’ll see you all at the tournament.




New Smash Bros. Characters Revealed: By Book, Blade, and Crest of Flame

Today Nintendo fans rejoice as two new characters Lucina and Robin of Fire Emblem Awakening were announced in today’s special Smash Bros Character reveal.

Robin who wields the mighty levin sword and the magical tomes of the games just robinas he does in FE: Awakening as the Tactician player character. This form of fighting seems to give a variety to how Robin can be played as the tomes only have a certain amount of uses before they run out just as in the Fire Emblem series Also revealed was that players may choose to play as the male or female versions of Robin as you can in their home games.

Also making her first appearance is Lucina of Fire Emblem: Awakening. She wields the mighty Falchion and has a similar play style to that of Marth. Using her quick strikes and dodges she seems to be a very fast character with a lot of tools at her disposal.lucina


Oddly enough another Fire Emblem Character was present in the trailer. Chrom has been revealed to be in the game but we have no clear confirmation if he will be either a playable character, assist trophy or a part of someones final smash. Only time will tell.

The third character revealed today is the returning Captain Falcon of the F-Zero series. With his signature Falcon Punch we can hope to see Falcon back to his fast moving and hard hitting play style in his fourth appearance in the series.

And Sakurai with his great sense of humor in today’s Miiverse post sent out a sort of message to Nintendo regarding the famous racer of Mute City.

sakurai post


Honestly I’m wondering the same thing myself Mr. Sakurai.

With the inclusion of these 3 characters today and if you count the 3 different models for the Mii Fighters we have 38 confirmed fighters in this new and ever expanding title.

Don’t forget Smash Bros. for 3DS is out on October 3rd 2014 with the WiiU version coming this holiday 2014.


The 2014 US Pokemon National Championships are Underway!



Today is the big day. Not only is it the fourth of July our nations independence day but also the first day of the United States Pokemon National Championships. Players from all around the country have gathered in Indianapolis to take one of those top 16 spots to guarantee a chance to represent themselves and their country in the Pokemon World Tournament which takes place this August.

Players have been competing all year to accumulate enough championship points to qualify for the world tournament and have earned enough travel awards totaling over $300,000 across all age divisions for both the Trading Card Game and Video Game.

For those unable to attend or who don’t live in North America there will be a livestream of both the Video Game and Trading Card Game on Pokemon’s Twitch channel. The stream is set to run from 12-5 EDT on Saturday and 2-5 EDT on Sunday which will cover all the big matches through the weekend.


The tournament format has changed slightly this year and for the better compared to the past few years.


Single game matches

  • Single game matches
  • Swiss Rounds (there should be about 9 rounds)
  • Instead of cutting a certain amount of players everyone with two or less losses moves on to the second day of competition.

Saturday Swiss

  • Best of 3 matches
  • Around 6 or 7 swiss rounds with players that had two or less losses from Friday
  • Records will be reset to 0-0
  • the top eight players move on to the top cut

Saturday Top Cut

  • Single elimination
  • Best of 3 matches
  • Only the top eight of the semifinals will be played Saturday


  • Each age division’s finals will be played back to back
  • all best of 3 matches



1st Place

  • A Pokémon VG National Championships First-Place Trophy
  • 480 Championship Points
  • A Nintendo Wii U 32GB Deluxe Set
  • A combination of 72 booster packs from current Pokémon TCG expansions
  • Other great Pokémon-themed merchandise!

2nd Place

  • A Pokémon VG National Championships Second-Place Trophy
  • 440 Championship Points
  • A Nintendo 3DS XL system
  • A combination of 72 booster packs from current Pokémon TCG expansions
  • Other great Pokémon-themed merchandise!

3rd & 4th Place

  • A Pokémon VG National Championships Semi-Finalist Trophy
  • 360 Championship Points
  • A Nintendo 3DS XL system
  • A combination of 36 booster packs from current Pokémon TCG expansions
  • Other great Pokémon-themed merchandise!

5th through 8th Place

  • 210 Championship Points
  • A combination of 36 booster packs from current Pokémon TCG expansions

9th through 16th Place

  • 150 Championship Points
  • A combination of 18 booster packs from current Pokémon TCG expansions

17th through 32nd Place

  • 90 Championship Points
  • A combination of 8 booster packs from current Pokémon TCG expansions

33rd through 64th Place

  • 30 Championship Points (if division attendance is 128 or greater)
  • A combination of 4 booster packs from current Pokémon TCG expansions

65th through 128th Place

  • 15 Championship Points (if division attendance is 256 or greater)


This weekend will be a great weekend full of competition and you won’t want to miss a moment. To all those participating I wish you the best of luck and to all those just going to enjoy the show or watching the live stream have fun and cheer on your favorite players.

Also for those who are attending the tournament as a player or in the audience be on the look out for a way to obtain a special downloadable Pokemon.


Bring your 3DS/2DS and your Pokemon X or Y game with you to get a special Shiny Mamoswine based on the one Arash Ommati used when he won the 2013 Pokemon World Championships! The Pokemon is LV. 50 and is holding a Choice Scarf. It also has its hidden ability of Thick Fat.

Look for signs at the event for details on how to receive your special Mamoswine.


Summer Games Done Quickly 2014!

SGDQ 2014 has officially begun.

Games Done Quick is a bi-annual charity gaming marathon. Volunteers play games at incredible speed (“Speedrunning”) for entertianment. The event is streamed live online, non-stop, and all donations go directly to the charity. This is the summer event, with a winter event every January (“Awesome Games Done Quick”).

The week long speed running charity livestream has just gone underway which at the time this article is being written has reached over $17,000 in donations and they just started their first game.

sgdq banner

The marathon is supporting the amazing charity Doctors Without Borders. To explain Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières) delivers emergency medical care to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, malnutrition, natural disaster, or exclusion from healthcare in more than 65 countries. This means whatever you donate goes to helping those in need of the proper medication some countries cannot receive. 

They are also being supported by the Humble Bundle with their Summer Games Done Quickly Bundle which you can check out right here which boasts 10 amazing titles some of which will be speed run during the marathon such as Dustforce, Guacamelee! Gold Edition, and Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs to name a few.


Another great sponsor for this year is The Yetee an Illinois based shirt company sporting  10 shirt designs graciously donated by artists for each of which $3 will be donated per shirt purchased. The shirts can be purchased here and you can see the designs below.



If you wish to contact the event organizers, you can reach them at:

Andrew Schroeder

Mike Uyama

To watch the livestream you can do so on their website or on their twitch channel here or if you want to just directly donate you can do that here as well.

I myself have donated already, purchased the humble bundle and bought two of the shirts.

Thank you to all who donate and support this amazing event. Lets help them hit their goal and help those in need!

Wild Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Scans and Details Appear!

The new batch of information regarding Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire has arrived via CoroCoro magazine. The images were posted to the japanese forums showcasing a lot of new information about the upcoming megas

The first image revealed the new Mega Evolution forms for Sceptile, Swampert and Diancie. Mega Sceptile will now be typed as Grass/Dragon while the others maintain their original typings. Mega Diancie’s ability is listed as “???” while Mega Sceptile gains the ability Lightning Rod which will draw in all electric attacks and Mega Swampert gains Swift Swim which should make Swampert a viable member of those Rain Dance based teams.

steven stoneGroudon and Kyogre’s new “Mega Evolutions” are now knows as Primal/Prehistoric/Primeval Kyogre and Groudon and are said to be a regression known as Ancient Devolution.
Everyone’s favorite rock loving champion Steven Stone also returns and appears to have a Mega Charizard X and is after the secret of Mega Evolution which means he is on the hunt for more stones than before.

Both the Mach and Acro Bikes make a return offering multiple ways to traverse the terrain of the Hoenn region. Team Aqua and Team Magma also make a return with Team Magma being lead once again by Maxie and his Admins: Tabitha and Courtney. Team Aqua is yet again lead by Archie and his admins Matt and Shelley, all of whom have received very detailed redesigns. Like the original games the team you face will depend on the game you are currently playing.

The trainer characters also seem to have been redesigned as well with who for now we can speculate are still May and Brendan which brings the character customization element of Pokemon X & Y into question about whether you can freely customize the player characters looks.trainer redesigns

We will bring you more information when it arises.


The Hunt Has Just Begun!

unnamed (1)

Details from company CD Projekt Red’s newest title The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt have surfaced. Shown in its latest trailer “The Sword of Destiny” Shows a vast landscape that the main character Geralt of Rivia wanders as it sets the stage for his most dangerous adventure yet.

Geralt’s quest is to find a long lost Withceress who’s in peril as he battles the new threat which is aptly named The Wild Hunt.

The Witcher 3 is set to release on February 24, 2015 in two different versions for Playstation 4, Windows PC and the Xbox One.

Previously, the developer had outlined a February release window after it was delayed past 2014.

The Witcher 3 will arrive in two different editions, both physical and digital. The game’s standard edition will include a game manual, soundtrack, stickers and The Witcher universe compendium. A collector’s edition of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will come in deluxe packaging and pack-in more goodies die hard fans of the series will want to get their hands on, including a 10-inch statue of protagonist Geralt battling a massive griffon and other items, like a medallion, 200-page art book and SteelBook case.

A digital, DRM-free release of The Witcher 3 will include a digital art book, bonus videos and a detailed map of the game’s world. An exclusive digital version, released through, will give buyers an extended game soundtrack, wallpapers, artwork, a digital comic, two beta keys for the upcoming The Witcher: Adventure tabletop game and a free copy of the RPG title Neverwinter Nights.

CD Projekt Red and are offering fans a pre-order loyalty discount as well. Players who own a copy of previous Witcher games will get an extra 5 percent off the game’s asking price for each title they own.

For more details on the collector’s edition release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, check out the video link below.


Pixlbot’s First Pokemon Giveaway!

In the spirit of the Pokémon National Championships starting all over the world our resident VGC player Kevin will be giving away two 5iv bred Pokémon for those wishing to power up their teams in X and Y.


  • You must like our Facebook/Twitter page
  • You must own a copy of Pokémon X or Y
  • Be comfortable with giving out your friend code if you are chosen to win


  • The winner of the twitter page will receive a 5iv Adamant Fletchling with its hidden Ability Gale wing
  • The winner on the Facebook page will receive a 5iv Brave Mawile with the ability Intimidate

Head on over to the Twitter and the Facebook to enter!